I started this blog as a hobby, but soon it became one of the most popular blogs about business. This blog is a great platform to advertise your products or services. There are various advertising opportunities available for businesses. These are discussed in short below.

Paid reviews

I can write good reviews about your products and services. I can write comprehensive reviews including tutorials and guides regarding your product.

Display ads

I offer three types of display ads: 468*60 header, 468*60 after post and 300*250 sidebar ads. I can create an attractive ad for you or you can do it yourself as well. This is a very popular type of advertisement, so you will need to book in advance to get free slots.


You can run contests on this blog and give giveaways. Professional tools are used to run giveaways; so there is no hassle.


I appreciate any creative ideas. If you have a unique idea to place your ad or run a media campaign, then you can contact me. I can discuss with you to make it work.

Sponsored posts

I can write posts for you and include a link to your site inside the post. The post will be related to my niche. This type of ad is very effective in reaching a large number of readers.

If you want to know more about the advertising options and their rates, please feel free to contact me. I will respond quickly to your inquiries.